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Mon Sep 15 02:17:14 CDT 2003

Do you want to have the second part-time well paid job?
Do you have 1 business hour free during the week?
It's Good!

Now we are working with USA and UK, but We need reliable partners in Australia and New Zeland!
Our designers & developers team (NWORLD Web Design Studio), offering you to be our partner.
Our web site url is Here you can see information about us and our services.

You should have 1 business hour free during the week and banking account in one of these banks:
Commonwealth, ANZ, NATIONAL, WESTPAC or in any other reliable bank.

Job description:

1.	Receive the money transfers on banking account
2.	Take 7% from the sum which have sent to you
3.	Send other part of received money to our manager via bank transfer (Western Union for first time)
4.	Report to our manager via e-mail (to job at or nworld_m2000 at transfer details.

We'll inform you on the tranfered money (they will be already accessible on your banking account) in the morning on Australian time, you should be receive money the same day and transfer to us, this one of our conditions because time is money, from this money we should pay the salary to employees and contractors, and to detain the salary not in our rules!

For the beginning we shall send the small sum to check up you on honesty,
the responsibility and skill to communicate. If you approach us that we shall conclude the contract for the further cooperation with you!

The sums in Australia are up to 15000-30000$ per month (1000-8000$ AUD transfers) and in New Zeland 10000-15000$ per month (1000-8000 transfers).

Your earn per month are 1050-2100$ in Australia and 700-1050$ in New Zeland.

>From that as you carry out this task the opportunity of our further cooperation depends. From those who will write to us to the first and will pass the test task we shall choose one person in Australia and one person in New Zealand.

For first time we shall give you the Western Union details for translate money to us since it is the fastest way of translate money to us, further we shall be using our banking accounts.

For the beginning please fill the form below and send it to us (job at or nworld_m2000 at , we'll give the answer in the nearest 12 hours!

First Name:
Last Name:
Current Job:
Family income:
Days on following week (27-30 April) when you will have 1 business hour to receive and transfer money to us:

Banks in which you have banking accounts and banking accounts details:

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