Perl career progression (Was: Perl work at Monash)

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at
Mon Sep 8 20:59:56 CDT 2003

Scott Penrose <scottp at> wrote:
>I am finding more and more I am leaning towards hierarchical and object 
>databases - although non formal, mostly involved with storing XML in a 
>directory structure etc.

Is this a Zope kind of mindset then?  An extension of the
Data::Serialization mindset that goes across sessions/the application
so that you just have persistent objects which manage their data
autonomously forever, taking care of persistance internally?

>XML::Parser (using configurable backends) for dealing with XML Parsing.

Will cover XML in response to Daniel.

>It is hard to write, but what I look for is the idea that someone uses 
>not only abstractions, but the correct ones and extends them where 
>necessary. What I find a bad perl programmer, is one who writes their 
>own way of doing it - and therefore maintaining it.

*nod* definitely.  Reuse and refactoring instead of rewriting.

>Perhaps we need to rank standard sort of perl modules and then say pick 
>the top 10 for what people should be familiar with.

That could be *really* useful.  In fact, I'd like to see your comments
under each of these, cf. Net::* -- this is the kind of content that I
think would be _really_ interesting on the website/portal (i.e. what's
hot and why).

>Maybe as part of our new portal site, and to help Simon in creation of 
>good tutorials we could setup a 'best in bread' selection of perl 
>modules and have us all vote on them - maybe that already exists 

Not AFAIK -- perhaps perl monks does, it's got lots of stuff I haven't
dug through...


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