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> If perl was vended by a vendor then life-time of the language would be 
> a concern, but why would Java kill perl?  I think they fill different 
> niches (Java is good for enterprise code -- I wouldn't write an ERP in 
> perl, but perl is great for integration, especially with Internet 
> services ala Net::*).

My 10c worth, as a person who works with ERP packages a lot, is that 
I wouldn't write an ERP package in anything *other* that perl.

Take your typical and and scale both up to
60000 times the size and see what happens..... ;-)

In my opinion, perl scales better than people believe.

It all in the perl meme folks, if you say perl isn't suited to the ERP 
environment then it becomes 'true', (for various values of 'true').

- Simon Taylor

Fair Comment, This is a perl list afterall I think you will win a vote simon

> >Yes, very much so. The document isn't very general. It wouldn't cut 
> >it here at QHRS, for example, because we don't use most of your 
> >technologies or not in the same way you do.
> *nod* When there is more than one way to do it(tm), standards are not 
> quite so straightforward :-)  Nonetheless, any suggestions towards 
> generalisation that make it more broadly useful are very welcome.
> ta,
> N

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