Perl Problem

Rick Measham rickm at
Mon Sep 8 22:43:49 CDT 2003

>>ROFL! Nah, seems to be a problem with warn and my perl. I've 
>>noticed before that  I hang if I warn too much. I've done the 
>>naughty thing and set $^W to 0 for the foreach block. Figured there 
>>shouldn't be any harm done there :)

At 1:21 PM +1000 9/9/03, Scott Penrose wrote:
>FYI for neatness, if you are using Perl 5.6 + you can say
>	'no warnings;'
>rather than futz with $^W - easier to read and forward compatible.

Wouldn't that turn off warnings for everywhere though? I just want 
them off for the local block.


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