Perl work at Monash

Michael Stillwell mjs at
Mon Sep 8 19:27:47 CDT 2003

Nathan Bailey wrote:

>1) Would be interested in general comments (i.e. from everyone) on the
>"Perl career progression" at:

Under "Junior Developer" you have "Can code simple XML parsers and XSLT 
renderers."  What do you mean by XSLT renderer?  I don't imagine you 
mean write xsltproc, saxon, etc. but you already cover the writing of 
XSLT itself in the cell above ("Can write an XSLT to render and XML 

>Then please send an application, including your resume, any sample
>websites/URLs and a self-assessment against
>	flt-jobs at

Ha, already have a Monash Perl job!



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