Perl work at Monash

Nathan Bailey Nathan.Bailey at
Mon Sep 8 02:55:42 CDT 2003

1) Would be interested in general comments (i.e. from everyone) on the
"Perl career progression" at:

2) Monash has a need of some perl hacking skills, particularly with DB
experience and hopefully with HTML::Mason experience.  Brief synopsis:

Essential skills:
	* Perl programming (should be familiar with 'use'ing modules,
	  etc) and know what CPAN is/how to use it.
	* HTML markup conforming to W3C/WAI standards.
	* Familiar with SQL (especially Oracle)
	* Awareness of/experience with usability (e.g.

Desirable skills:
	* Experience with HTML::Mason and/or Apache.
	* Experience using Perl for NNTP, IMAP, WCAP, LDAP, Jabber

Pay Rate: Commensurate with depth of experience

If you are interested, please see:

Then please send an application, including your resume, any sample
websites/URLs and a self-assessment against
	flt-jobs at


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