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Those of you at the meeting last night would have seen the little  
machines that I have picked up.
I am planning on picking up a few more and wondered if anyone is  
interested in some. That way I can save on postage etc.

OK Some details 

233 MHz Cyrix, 32MB SO DIMM, 5GB Laptop IDE disk drive, 2 serial,  
parallel, 2 USB (1.1), PS/2, VGA, Audio (internal), IRDA (need cable  
etc), case, power supply, about 5 watts power, and all in the size of  
about a CD Rom Drive.


The bad news is that they can be expensive to deliver. I am planning to  
get the delivered via post (slower) but still with insurance etc. So I  
think I will ask for $170 from people, but will return cash if it ends  
up costing less.

I have a fully running Linux Debian Testing on my set working perfectly  
with all the available hardware (actually I have not tested the IRDA).  
I have Perl 5.8 with all the modules, apache server and more all that I  
could need and I am not even using 500 MB yet of a 5GB driver - very  
good as a remote logging machine considering both the size of the  
drive, and the fact that it has USB for retrieving information etc, and  
the low power consumption.

Internally they also have LCD controllers and a PC 104 connector. There  
is also a programmable rom (including a downloadable network boot rom  
from Advantec) and what I think is floppy on chip slot. Theoretically  
the web site also mentions Compact Flash but there must be a few  
revisions as I can't find that on the bottom or even a solder point for  

If you are interested contact me directly (not the lists).


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