[YaCMaS] Bug Report

rickmeasham at optusnet.com.au rickmeasham at optusnet.com.au
Sat Oct 11 05:51:31 CDT 2003

As I don't have an address for YaCMaS bug
reporting, I'll report here. The first two
iissues concern the titles for articles:

1. Titles containing underscores are not
allowed. Can't call a page "mod_perl". There
should be no reason for this unless the
underscore is some sort of field delimiter

2. Titles containing double quotes get cut
off at the first double quote. This is
because entities are not encoded when
editing. Thus a title q|This is a "quoted"
title| gets sent to the text input with
quotes rather than &quote;s. Which means it
looks like:
<input type=text name=title value="This is a
"quoted" title">. You can see the problem.

Thirdly, the 404 redirection is not working
on the melbourne.pm site. If I put 'library'
as the shortcut for the library I get the old
library. If I put 'newlibrary' I get a 404
error. I figure this is an .htaccess option
that isn't set by the installer.

And, a feature request: Can we possibly
change the code so that every page is
returned in the content editing, but use
javascript to hide the hidden rows? This
would mean we don't have to reload every time
a section is cascased. I'd also like to be
able to control-click or shift-click on a
particular toggle and have it recursively
expand or deflate the section.

I'd love to provide patches but I still can't
download YaCMaS from the server ...

Rick Measham

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