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Thu Oct 9 19:47:19 CDT 2003

Scott Penrose:
> > Anyway, the principle really is:

> > 	* Automatic discovery over TCP/IP
> > 	* Methods and Events discoverable
> > 	* Small and fairly simple (both in implementation and protocol)

> Hmm... i would have suggested a CORBA implementation except for your
> last requirement there :\

And the first one - or did CORBA get a discovery mechanism since I last

Last I heard, CORBA needed some external (non-CORBA, non-standard)
bootstrap for its discovery, which was highly implementation dependent
and therefore not interoperable. Most textbook examples seemed to skip
over the problem by asking the user to copy a 2-3 line base-64(?) stream
to the other program, taking care to avoid line-break problems, at which
point it's not surprising that most people would throw the book across
the room and use something else (ie whatever mechanism they would've had
to use to do the bootstrap).

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