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Tue Nov 25 19:22:50 CST 2003

Heya d00dz and d00dettes,

Thanx to every1 for the ammo re fending off the microsoftian
hordes. Looks very much like we successfully fended them off!

The only downside of this is that we have now been given a
/very/ ambitious schedule of work to do. This includes the
updating of all our products with internationalization.

As usual the pointy hairs believe this to be a trivial
undertaking and have allocated a preposterously small amount
of time to complete the makeover. Naturally i rang the alarm
bells and warned them that internationalization was a
Napoleon/Hitler vs. Russia kind of undertaking. It appears on
first glance that you could conquer it with a blitzkrieg over
the summer, but 5 years later you are bogged down in
Stalingrad in mid-winter and all your troops are freezing and
starving to death and internationalization is still no nearer
to being achieved!

Anyway, for my audacity in pointing out the flaws in their
grand plan they have asked me to write a document describing
exactly what needs to be done and how long it will take.

Is there any1 on this list with experience in the
internationalization of large perl systems?

What are the steps that need to be taken to implement

What are the differences between perl versions? (currently we
are using perl 5.6)

Are there any corners that can be cut by limiting the
languages we support? (methinks not as i know we have to
support chinese and japanese)

Any pointers greatly accepted.

Foobard - Jester from the Court of Chaos

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