beating back the microsoftian hordes...

Andrew Savige ajsavige at
Wed Nov 19 02:14:32 CST 2003

Peter G. Martin wrote:
> On a slightly different tack, there was a pointer on (I think) either 
> use.perl or perlmonks within the last ten days to two weeks to an 
> article by a senior Microsoft Engineer saying Perl is lovely, Perl is 
> nice, we don't want to do without Perl, it can be a valid alternative 
> to VB stuff etc.... 
> Sorry can't find it at present... but it may help beat back the fog 
> generated by FUD etc. .   
> -peterm

an IBM engineer explains that: "Perl is *the* scripting language used
for writing tests and product builds for MQ, the SSA disk group ...
and the Java development group."

And a rap from a surprising source, from the creator of Java himself,
James Gosling:
"I think the one that has the best broad coverage is Java, but I'm a really
biased sample. If you're doing things that are heavily into string pattern-
atching, Perl can be pretty nice. I guess actually those are the ones I use
much at all these days."

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