beating back the microsoftian hordes...

Andrew Savige ajsavige at
Tue Nov 18 02:27:41 CST 2003

gU5t4F wrote:
> i was wondering if anyone on this list has bookmarked any
> links to pages (explaining in ERF*) why perl/debian gnu
> linux/postgres are appropriate for enterprise computing?

You might find something useful here:

Good luck with it. Unfortunately, Microsoft/Sun spend a lot of money
on marketing, making it very hard to persuade managers. Suggest you
highlight the excellent track record of your team using Perl and
perhaps mention some big companies using Perl (e.g. Yahoo).

If they complain about lack of support or quality with free tools,
the web server survey here:
may help dispel some myths in that it shows that Microsoft (IIS) can be
beaten over a long period of time by a "free" product (Apache).

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