beating back the microsoftian hordes...

gU5t4F gustaf at
Mon Nov 17 21:01:29 CST 2003

picture this - a transnational company with two software
development departments, one a k-rad perl/*nix/postgres
shop, and on the other side of the planet another that is
a m$ vb/access/.net/oracle shop.

now uber-management looks down from the stratosphere and
muses who shall we get to build x, y and z? Now to give
you a general picture i quote one of these pointy-hairs
"I have never heard of perl. What is it?" *ugh!*

i was wondering if anyone on this list has bookmarked any
links to pages (explaining in ERF*) why perl/debian gnu
linux/postgres are appropriate for enterprise computing?
(i would look myself, but i'm in a suitable enterprise

Foobard - Jester from the Court of Chaos

*ERF - Executive-Readable Format, that is - explained in
terms micky mouse could understand but peppered with large
dobs of management bullsh!t bingo flavour-of-the-month
pseudo-tech babble. (i don't hold any disdain for
management, no really! :^) 

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