Rick Measham rickm at
Thu Nov 13 16:04:48 CST 2003

At 08:52 +1100 2003-11-14, Scott Penrose wrote:
>Anyone want to point me to a a really simple to install / setup wiki 
>so I can create one on our server please ? Needs to be perl, simple 
>to install (I have no root access to the box) - preferably very few 
>or no extra special perl modules etc.

Scott/Rodd: When is the source for YaCMaS going to be available? 
Seems to me that it would be best if we could put a Wiki into YaCMaS. 
Once I see source code I can take a look at putting one in. They're 
fairly easy to do, once user access is controlled. YaCMaS already 
takes care of that.


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