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Hi Andrew,

We are not quite ready (almost) to tell everyone and start getting the 
other groups involved.
It is definitely not our intention to hide this - we have only had our 
meeting on Wednesday :-)

Would you (or someone else) in Sydney be a good person to start talking 
with about our plans ? (Who is Spoon?)

Anyway - I will make an official announcement next week to be published 
to all the Australian lists.


On Thursday, Nov 13, 2003, at 23:48 Australia/Melbourne, Andrew Savige 

> Gabor Szabo wrote:
>> Hi Scott and other YAPC::AU organizer,
>> I am from Israel currently wire-taping your mailing list.
>> Don't be surprised ;-)
> Hi Gabor! I'm listening in from Sydney, agog at the audacious YAPC::AU
> master plan being hatched by Melb.pm, so please keep me informed so
> I can let (the currently resting) Sydney.pm know all about it.
> I wonder if "Spoon" is listening in. ;-)
> /-\
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