Unusing modules

Rick Measham rickm at printaform.com.au
Mon Nov 10 19:59:42 CST 2003

>I *was* going to reply saying:
>     "Does the 'no' command do what you want in this case?",
>but the following quick test didn't behave the way I thought it should:

Similarly in my request I *was* going to say:

"I tried the no command but it appears that it only works for pragmas"

However, I think I've found the problem .. and it 
was me after all (always is isn't it?).

What's worse is that the problem was a global variable I was using [blush]

At 11:11 +1100 2003-11-10, Rick Measham wrote:
>Global vars are a Very Bad Thing.


Thanks for your thoughts and time


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