use strict;

Rick Measham rickm at
Sun Nov 9 18:11:38 CST 2003

At 09:27 +1000 2003-11-10, andrew at work wrote:
>Is there a way to define global variables and 
>keep using strict? Have I missed something else ?

Global vars are a Very Bad Thing. Especially if 
you want to reference them from libraries. It's 
not really a library if it requires a global 
variable. If your library performs common 
routines with database handles, then make the dbh 
the first parameter to the function:

myLibrary::doSomething( $dbh, ... )

However, if you must use 'Global Variables', then in your main file:
use vars qw/$globalvar/;
$globalvar = 'some value';

And in your library, you can just use it:
print $globalvar

Or, if your libarry contains a package, use it as:
print $main::globalvar

Once again though, global variables are a bad thing

    ( Maybe have a look at going OO, then your     )
.oO( object can contain your 'globals', including )
    ( database handles, cache objects & parameters )


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