Webhost in Melbourne

Rick Measham rickm at isite.net.au
Mon May 26 21:13:10 CDT 2003

I'm looking for a local web-host and I figured PMers might be able to help.

Here's the requirements:
1. Linux/Unix based (not Windows!)
2. Apx 20MB Storage
3. Virtual Machine would be good otherwise:
4. Healthy attitude to adding new perl modules
5. PostGreSQL database access (with multiple databases)
6. Unlimited email accounts, with POP access, forwarding, 
SpamAssassin filtering etc.

I'm currently getting all this from hub.org, but their servers are 
unreliable and are in Panama!

Something local would be better (and faster)

Rick Measham

             There are 10 kinds of people:
   those that understand binary, and those that don't.
   The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck
     is the day they start selling vacuum cleaners
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