J2EE and perl

Simon Taylor simon at unisolve.com.au
Wed Mar 26 17:40:39 CST 2003

Perl mongers,

Last week I asked melbourne.pm for examples of large perl applications.

I received a tremendous response, and many great examples, which I have
been able to put to good use as we get closer to receiving a decision on the 
ERP application rewrite contract that we are hoping to win.

With one further meeting to go before a final decision on our "all perl" 
approach is made, I am increasingly being faced with the challenge of 
justifying perl versus J2EE.

This is an ERP application, which provides job cost control, US payroll and 
general ledger accounting for the construction and general contracting 

I've worked with the bloody thing for years, and as far as I am concerned
perl is replete with riches that I can use to rewrite it.

Does anyone care to an opinion as to whether The J2EE approach truly offers
something concrete that perl does not?

Here's a distillation of some J2EE sites I've visited:

  J2EE is a set of standards that, when used together, provide an excellent
  web application development and deployment platform. J2EE includes standards
  for middleware (EJB and JMS), database connectivity (JDBC), transactions
  (JTA/JTS), presentation (servlets and Java Server Pages) and directory
  services (JNDI).

  Enterprise developers can draw on J2EE to speed up their application
  development. Instead of hand writing database code or pool management, they
  can leverage Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) to automatically store data.

  Instead of manually dealing with transactions, system developers can use
  J2EE's built-in capabilities to run transactions in an automated fashion.
  Instead of creating all business code from scratch, consultants can assemble 
  components to build their application in a "Lego" fashion.


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