Problems installing Scalar::Util

Rob Casey rob at
Wed Mar 26 06:23:59 CST 2003

>From a preliminary look at the module and tests, I think you will find
that this is the result of differences in integer representation between
compilers.  The tests in question that are failing are comparing the
result of 1<<31 as returned by Perl and that returned by the dualvar
function from the Scalar::Util package.

My guess as to the most likely cause of this is a difference in the
compiler used to build your Perl binary and that used to build the
Scalar::Util package.


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Scalar::Util is a dependancy for something else I'm trying to install,
it barfs.  A typescript session of installation is available at:

I've got no idea what the failure on dualval means -- any ideas?
(i.e. I can see what's failing but I'm not sure what to do about it :-)


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