Training courses

Damian Conway damian at
Tue Mar 4 18:51:06 CST 2003

ADFH wrote:

> What organisations still do Perl training courses in the Melbourne area?

My company Thoughtstream offers a range of corporate Perl training courses, 
all taught by me. See:

for our range of courses.

As for costs: I'm certainly not cheap (but I'm worth it! ;-)
On-site corporate classes in the Melbourne area cost:

         1 day:   $5,000  + GST
         2 days:  $9,000  + GST
         3 days:  $12,000 + GST
         4 days:  $15,000 + GST
         5 days:  $18,000 + GST

That's for a class of up to 15 attendees (with additional attendees pro rata). 
Multiple days don't have to be the same course, or even taught consecutively, 
merely booked and deposit-paid at the same time.

If anyone would like more information, you're most welcome to email me.


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