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Sun Jun 29 00:22:28 CDT 2003

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Hi there mongers of the perl of melbourne,

We have talked about running a small set of talks for a while and I 
think it is time to do that in the month of July.

We already have a couple of talks ready

	* Perl and Tail Recursion - it is possible
	* Require file, Read/Eval file, do file - performance
	* Inline::Guile - embedding scheme / lisp in your perl
	* Filter::Debug - an example filter to remove debugging code
				when not in debug mode.
	* Attribute::Deprecated2 - how to make your own Attribute handler
				and why.
	* Proc::Daemon - Make me a daemon (with a catch)

There is no particular theme this month, just a set of useful talks.

It should be a really exciting evening.

I would like to increase the number of entries above, if any of you 
would like to talk about something, have an idea, want to start a 
discussion - anything between 2 and 20 minutes is fine - please send 
your ideas on to me.

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Scott Penrose
Anthropomorphic Personification Expert
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