Matching two lists of users

David Dick david_dick at
Tue Jun 17 07:17:44 CDT 2003

>>For example, the user
>>	scottp = Scott Penrose
>>Would match on
>>	scottp
>>	Scott Penrose
>>	Penrose, Scott
>>	Scott D Penrose
>>	Penrose, Scott D
>>	SDP
>>	SP
>Lingua::Stem - applies stemming algorithms
>Text::Levenshtein - measures approximatelness
>String::Approx    - as above
interesting problem, the research that string::approx is based on is the 
levenstein distance between two words, or the number of edits, deletes 
and adds required to turn one word into another.  However, given such a 
huge range of values to match on, i don't think it'll be a simple fit.  
SDP for example will match just about everything before it gets to Scott 
Penrose.  You'd need to do some pre-processing on your input values 
before string::approx (or anything) is useful to you.


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