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On Wednesday, Jun 11, 2003, at 09:39 Australia/Melbourne, Stas Bekman  
> The mod_perl guide comes to help:
> troubleshooting.html#_warn__child_process_30388_did_not_exit__sending_a 
> nother_SIGHUP
> PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL=-1 perl my_heavy_destruct_program

On exploring this further I have discovered that this only works for  

 From perlhack
> if you want to run any of the tests yourself manually using the  
> pureperl or perl.third executables, please note that by default perl  
> does not explicitly cleanup all the memory it has allocated (such as  
> global memory arenas) but instead lets the exit() of the whole program  
> "take care" of such allocations, also known as "global destruction of  
> objects".
> There is a way to tell perl to do complete cleanup: set the  
> environment variable PERL_DESTRUCT_LEVEL to a non-zero value. The  
> t/TEST wrapper does set this to 2, and this is what you need to do  
> too, if you don't want to see the "global leaks": For example, for  
> "third-degreed" Perl:
> (Note: the mod_perl apache module uses also this environment variable  
> for its own purposes and extended its semantics. Refer to the mod_perl  
> documentation for more information.)

Note the last part - It seems that mod_perl has extended to support the  
- -1.

For now I am going with the following approach.

	kill 9, $$;

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