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Tue Jul 22 06:31:42 CDT 2003

Scott Penrose wrote:
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> Hey There,
> Thanks to the banner on our updated web page (still have a few talks to 
> update but it is better than it was and most talks are now there) - we 
> have been given two new free books from O'Reilly.
> * Practical mod_perl

Nice ;)

>     . Now why does that sound familiar?
>     . oh year - written by Stas Bekman
>     . We will have to get him to sign it :-)

I'd love to do that, but as of now I'm no longer in AU. I'll need help to 
sponsor my visa for that to happen. If some Melbourne company can help me get 
a visa I'd love to come back to Melbourne.

Meanwhile if any of you are coming to YAPC::Europe please let me know. I've 
just arrived to Paris. The conference starts tomorrow.

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