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Fri Jul 11 13:47:04 CDT 2003

Scott Penrose wrote:
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> On Friday, Jul 11, 2003, at 13:09 Australia/Melbourne, Stas Bekman wrote:
>> Scott Penrose wrote:
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>>>> I believe that the plan is to make perl5 the second non-trivial 
>>>> language
>>>> ported to parrot, (there is a working BASIC implementation already in
>>>> place).
>>>> I'll see what more I can find out about it....
>>> Stas pointed out it is called ponie.
>>> What ponie is doing is to take the Perl 5 Core and make it generate 
>>> Parrot.
>>> It also has some extra compatibility layers for shared objects in C 
>>> to be linked in in the current XS style.
>> AFAIK, it's the other way around. Use parrot to write perl-5.10.
> OOOOHHHH.... Now that would be way cool - doesn't look like it from the 
> site notes though. It seems that it is going to use Perl 5 engine 
> (starting with the current code) and strip out the backend vm and things 
> that specifically create code for the VM and replace the VM with Parrot 
> and parrot opcodes rather than the Perl 5 VM opcodes.

That's seems to be correct. And as you just said by youself, it's going to run 
on parrot ;)

> But maybe I am reading that wrong.
> Either way - I am excited :-)

everybody here at OSCon is excited ;) Too bad you couldn't make it here.

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