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Brendon Oliver brendon.oliver at
Thu Jul 3 20:21:21 CDT 2003

Hi all,

I have a few perl modules which are loaded up when apache starts (ie. in 
httpd.conf: PerlScript /path/to/  where "use"s a number 
of modules).

Now, a couple of these modules have BEGIN blocks which query some postgresql 
database tables, then using the query results, dynamically create subroutines 
(and constants) by manipulating the perl symbol table.  This all works fine - 
these subs are visible to all other modules which need them, and are shared 
across all httpd processes.

If the contents of table X changes later on, I could re-execute the code from 
the BEGIN block which would recreate the dynamically-generated subroutines.

So there's the query: am I right in presuming that the re-loaded subs would 
only be visible in the httpd process in which this executes?  I  expect that 
because the other httpd processes were forked by apache _after_ the modules 
were loaded, the only way to get this table change recognised by all 
processes would be to restart apache?

Thoughts anyone?

Thanks & regards,

- Brendon.
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