Melb.PM to see Lord of the Nerdlab

crashkat crashkat at
Tue Jan 7 20:47:51 CST 2003

On Wed, 8 Jan 2003, Jacinta Richardson wrote:

> Perhaps those who aren't involved (and aren't interested in becomming
> involved - although it will be tonnes of fun) or who want an earlier night
> might like something like the following:
> 18?? hrs meet at a cinema to see desired movie
> 20?? hrs or thereabouts meet rest of PMers at some place in chinatown
>         (lots of phone calls)
> end of dinner, head off to see Spirited Away (a movie which gets huge
> thumbs up) or head home.
> Alternately we can all head to the nerdlab and split off from there as we
> each feel.

Yep, all are free to do what they like :)
The lab will be open from 1800 to 2000. From there we (being me, foo,
and any other takers (scott, danger?)) will being going with the plan
suggested by foo.

There's plenty of couch space at the lab, anyone wanting to socialise,
drink beer, or whatever instead of programming is welcome (including
partners). I'll probably be going with this option. My brain's still in "can't be
bothered" mode and I'm savouring this untill I start my new job next week.
We have 2 cats, one who is sociable and playfull and will entertain you
for hours :) She even plays fetch.

If people do want to organise an alternate itinerary (JC?) Then you're
welcome to turn up at the lab any time between the two above said times to
meet us, or call me (0409531036) to meet us elsewhere.

A call before 2000 would be good if ppl want to meet us for dinner, just
so we can get a table of the right size :)

Cheers all :)

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