TONIGHT Reminder: hack session - Thursday 20th of Feb 6:30pm

Scott Penrose scottp at
Wed Feb 19 21:05:39 CST 2003

Reminder that the session is tonight.

For those who can't get a location in time, you are welcome to ring

	Scott Penrose 0417 885 330
	Foo Bard 0439 885 990

Session starts at 6:30.

We need help getting lots of platforms and OS'es up and running (both in
general and with perl installed :)

for example:

RS6000/AIX, HP9000/HP-UX, SGI/IRIX, Sun Sparc/Solaris, etc.

Second point i wanted to make is that not everyone who comes has to
write code, but they are expected to participate and contribute, either
with the 'sys admin' kinda stuff mentioned above, or more in a
'pair-programming' situation where one is on the keyboard and the other
is assisting. (some people won't like that either - many programmers i
know claim they can't program with someone watching them ;)

Please come along, it is going to be great !


On Monday, Feb 17, 2003, at 09:26 Australia/Melbourne, Scott Penrose 

> Hey Dudes,
> This is a reminder of our first hacking session.
> For those of you who missed the last Perl Mongers meeting - we are now 
> running a monthly hacking session to code up any perl projects people 
> are interested in. There has been lots of interest in actually doing 
> code on a regular basis. As such thanks to Foo Bard and Crash Kat, we 
> are able to use Nerdlab - a privately owned laboratory of over 100 
> computers located in the CBD.
> The plan for this week is the following:
> 	* Installation and 'get working' perl on some of the more esoteric 
> operating systems (the range starts and windows, linux and *bsd to 
> solaris, sunos, irix, true 64 unix, and many many more).
> 	* Discussion of new projects - eg: Reefknot contributions, Perl 
> agents.
> 	* Completion of Sys::Hostname::Long on all the systems we can get 
> Perl working on.
> 	* Windows driver for Device::ParallelPort - started, but we may not 
> have time to complete.
> At this stage, the location of Nerdlab will be handed out on request. 
> As such could those interested in coming along to the hacking session 
> on Thursday night please email:	
> 	Scott Penrose <scottp at>
> or	Foo Bard <foobard at>
> If you leave it to late - I will be contactable on my mobile on the 
> day and that night - 0417 885 330
> Scott
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