Reminder: Meeting 12th March 2003 - Mod Perl

Scott Penrose scottp at
Sun Feb 16 15:37:35 CST 2003

Hey Perl Mongers,

This is an EXTRA early reminder that the next Melbourne Perl Mongers 
meeting will be all about Mod Perl 2.

Stas Bekman is here in Melbourne - an expert and primary developer for 
Apaches Mod Perl - which is now used by millions of web servers around 
the world.

Stas will be talking for 1.5 - 2 hours on the all important version 2.0 
release. Things have changed in version 2 all for the better, here is 
your chance to hear about those changes straight from the horse's mouth.

Mod Perl ( is the obvious and most sensible 
choice for developing web based applications in perl.

Scott Penrose
VP in charge of Pancakes
scottp at

Dismaimer: If you receive this email in error - please eat it 
immediately to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

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