Meeting - Wednesday 12th of February 2003 - "A funny thing happened on the way to the Bazaar"

Scott Penrose scottp at
Sun Feb 9 16:36:12 CST 2003

Welcome to another year of

This year we plan to do things a little differently. To start with we 
are going to have a slightly more formal meeting. But there are also 
other exciting new ideas - such as a monthly hacking session.

	* Welcome to 2003
	* What's new in Perl 5
	* What's new in Perl 6
	* 5 minute talk on new modules
	* Next hacking session
	* "A funny thing happened on the way to the Bazaar"

Main Talk: "A funny thing happened on the way to the Bazaar"

	Mike McCauley from "Open System Consultants" is the creator of the
	very successful Radiator.
	"Radiator is a highly configurable and flexible Radius server that
  	supports authentication by a huge range of authentication methods
	such as Flat files, DBM files, Unix password files, SQL databases,
	remote Radius servers (proxying), external programs, NT User Manager,
	Active Directory, LDAP, PAM, iPASS, GRIC, NIS+, Tacacs+, a wide range
	of ISP billing packages such as Emerald, Platypus, Rodopi, Hawk-i,
	Interbiller98, Freeside etc, your legacy user database etc, etc."
	(and it is all written in Perl, and of course comes with the source).

	Mike will be talking about the technology along with what he
	describes as "our unusual business model".

	6:30 pm, Wednesday 12th of February 2003
	Doors are open from 6:00pm until 6:45pm

	Level 8, 14 Blackwood Street
	North Melbourne

Next Meeting:
	Wednesday March 12th
	Stas Bekman talks about Mod Perl

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