Cheap tech books at Collins

Graeme Cross gcross at
Sat Dec 13 03:36:15 CST 2003

if you haven't heard, the Collins bookshop at the top end of Swanston St 
(opposite RMIT) is closing down.

They have an "end of lease" 30% off everything sale at the moment; lots of 
programming books (O'Reilly, Wrox, Addison Wesley, etc), so if you were 
thinking of buying computer books, they would be worth checking out.


Obdisclaimer: I have no association with Collins, except for the fact that I 
have bought too many books from them over the years :)

PS: If you are a veracious consumer of computer books, check out the O'Reilly 
Safari online book library. It's cheap and very very useful. My book 
expenditure has dropped dramatically but I'm reading more books and now only 
buying the ones I really need in dead-tree tree.

Graeme Cross <gcross at>

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