Filter::Handle Issue in 5.8+

Simon Taylor simon at
Thu Dec 11 19:08:57 CST 2003

Hello Leif,

> For my problem, the $fh is not the real file handle but is the tied
> filehandle again, meaning PRINT() is called again (and again, and
> again...). This didn't used to happen in perl < 5.8. Why this happens
> and how to fix it are a mystery to me, but I hesitate to name it as a
> bug in 5.8+, because the people who wrote that are way smarter than I am...
> Anybody want to give me a clue...

Well {bless \my $inner, shift;}, what a well-documented problem report!

Do either of these URLs help?

1. "Tied methods like FETCH etc. may now safely access tied values, i.e.
     resulting in a recursive call to FETCH etc. Remember to break the
     recursion, though."



2. "A change to self-tying of globs has caused them to be recursively
     referenced (see: Two-Phased Garbage Collection in the perlobj manpage).
     You will now need an explicit untie to destroy a self-tied glob. This
     behaviour may be fixed at a later date."


Good luck tracking this down.


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