JOIN US FOR CHRISTMAS - Wednesday (Tomorrow) 6:30pm myinternet

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Tue Dec 9 00:21:59 CST 2003

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Hey Dudes

Come one, come partners, come family and friends.

Come join in the Christmas fun at myinternet, Level 8, 14-20 Blackwood 
Street on the 10th of December 2003 at 6:30pm

Bring $10 each, bring soft drinks and snacks.

We will be:

	* Start with watching a low rated DVD (kiddies can watch)
	* Order Asian food, eat snacks and soft drink
	* Watch more 'advanced' DVDs

We will have disposable plates and cups and cutlery, along with water, 
coffee and tea.

We will order together some asian food, so you can order what you like 
with some stuff to share (rice etc) - should therefore be ok for most 
dietary needs.

This is a night of fun and merryment. A big thank you to all perl 
mongers for joining in during the year - a special thanks to all those 
who did talks and contributions. And a break from what is going to be a 
busier schedule next year (there is already 4 events in planning, from 
a user group conference, talks to a major perl conference).

Please come and join us.

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