Problems with template toolkit and modperl

Gerard gerard at
Thu Dec 11 00:54:38 CST 2003

> Another thing where I have got stuck is when extra data is included by 
> something else, thus overwritting your variable.

This seems to have been the problem, although no where in the data being
passed to the template can I see the buttons data being overwritten.
I simply renamed the buttons key to something else and it works!

I was at one stage pulling something out of the database named 'buttons',
but I have since completely removed that field, so I can't work out
why it's conflicting still!  At least it's now working..

> However I do have one suggestion which will help you debug it... Use 
> Data Dumper in Template Toolkit.
> [% USE Dumper %]
> [% Dumper.dump_html(windows) %]

Very handy..



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