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Yes, that was me. Here is a link to more information about creating Windows
script components with Perl:

In particular, the "10 easy steps" section should be very useful. You will
need the "Windows script component wizard". Information about getting and
using this wizard is available at MSDN here:

I hope that this is what you were looking for.

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> Paul Fenwick wrote:
> >One of the tools mentioned was the Perl Dev Kit from ActiveState,
> > .
> >
> Ack However I should have said that I thought there was a open source /
> free alternative mentioned that was kind of a wrapper for PerlEZ which
> is in the basic ActiveState Perl distro (the freebie).
> >I don't remember much about PerlEZ, I'm afraid.  Perhaps Graham
> >can enlighten us?
> >
> >
> PerlEZ is a method of embedding a perl interpreter under Windows. Some
> of this may be the invention of my own optimism however. It may have
> been Jeremy Howard who provided at least one of the comments that I
> recalled.

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