[SPAM] Become More Sexually Active

Rob Casey rob at cowsnet.com.au
Tue Apr 29 08:07:08 CDT 2003

Ahhh, the wonder that is SpamAssassin ...

Content analysis details:   (16.00 points, 5 required)
X_AUTH_WARNING     (-1.5 points) Has a X-Authentication-Warning header
FROM_WEBMAIL_ENDS_IN_NUMS6 (1.8 points)  From address is webmail, and
ends in lots of numbers
NO_REAL_NAME       (0.7 points)  From: does not include a real name
SUBJ_HAS_SPACES    (2.0 points)  Subject contains lots of white space
FROM_ENDS_IN_NUMS  (0.7 points)  From: ends in numbers
ADDR_NUMS_AT_BIGSITE (0.4 points)  Uses an address with lots of numbers,
at a big ISP
CLICK_BELOW_CAPS   (0.5 points)  BODY: Asks you to click below (in
capital letters)
AS_SEEN_ON         (2.1 points)  BODY: As seen on national TV!
SEDUCTION          (2.0 points)  BODY: Score with babes!
HTML_40_50         (0.7 points)  BODY: Message is 40% to 50% HTML
HTML_LINK_CLICK_HERE (0.1 points)  BODY: HTML link text says "click
HTML_FONT_COLOR_RED (0.1 points)  BODY: HTML font color is red
HTML_MESSAGE       (0.1 points)  BODY: HTML included in message
HTML_FONT_COLOR_NAME (0.2 points)  BODY: HTML font color has unusual
HTML_FONT_BIG      (0.1 points)  BODY: FONT Size +2 and up or 3 and up
HTML_LINK_CLICK_CAPS (1.1 points)  BODY: HTML link text says "CLICK"
HTML_FONT_COLOR_BLUE (0.1 points)  BODY: HTML font color is blue
REMOVE_PAGE        (0.1 points)  URI: URL of page called "remove"
SUBJ_HAS_UNIQ_ID   (0.8 points)  Subject contains a unique ID
DATE_IN_FUTURE_12_24 (2.8 points)  Date: is 12 to 24 hours after
Received: date
FROM_ALL_NUMS      (0.6 points)  From an address that is all numbers
INVALID_MSGID      (0.4 points)  Message-Id is not valid, according to
RFC 2822
MIME_HTML_ONLY     (0.1 points)  Message only has text/html MIME parts

Although the best score I have got on any received spam, using the
standard default rule scores, is 35.3 ... That's impressive just in
itself :-)


Rob Casey
Business Manager, Senior IT Consultant
Cowsnet Internet and Professional Services

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