Meeting - Wednesday 14th of May 2003 - "Beginners" and "A tour of ActiveState Perl & the PDK"

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Welcome to May

We are continuing our excellent talks this week !

To start with we are running a new beginners section. Each month we 
will present the next section of Beginners Perl series that is 
primarily written as a bridge between people who already know one 
language.  Following our main presentation will be covering perl used 
on Windows - development kit, compilation and debugging.

	Level 8, myinternet House
	14-20 Blackwood Street
	North Melbourne

	Wednesday the 14th of May 2003 - 6:30 pm
	Doors open from 6pm till 6:45pm

	* Welcome to
	* What's new in Perl 5
	* Beginners Talk - Introduction, Output and Expressions
	* 5 minute talk on new modules
	* Next hacking session
	* Main Talk: "A tour of ActiveState Perl & the PDK"

Beginners Talk: Part 1, 2 + 3 - Introduction, Output and Expressions

	* Introduction
	* Basic Output (The "Hello World" program)
	* Expressions

Main Talk: "A tour of ActiveState Perl & the PDK" by Graeme Cross

This will be a whirlwind tour and demo of the Activestate
( Perl distribution for Windows and the Perl
Development Kit, including:

* the PPM packaging tool
* perlapp, which builds standalone executables
* their visual debugger
* and a host of other tools for working with services, COM, MSI, the
   system tray, etc

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