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Thu Apr 10 19:13:37 CDT 2003

Email Marketing is spreading around the whole world because of its high 
effectiveness, speed and low cost. 

We offer a complete Email Marketing solution with quality service and the 
lowest prices. The result is that you will enjoy more success.

1. Targeted Email Addresses 

We can supply targeted email addresses according to your requirements,
which are compiled only on your order, such as region / country / field / 
occupation / Domain Name etc. We will customize your customer email

* We have millions of email addresses in a wide variety of categories.

2. Targeted Mailing  

If you are worried about any complications or consequences with sending 
out targeted emails, or want to avoid the work of sending out targeted 
emails. We will do it for you! 

* We can Bullet Proof your Web Site.

We also supply a wide variety of marketing software. For more details, you
can refer to our web site: http://www.biz-aiding.com

Our services will help you get more business opportunities.


Mrs. Lucy
Customer Services

Targeted Marketing, at Great Fee.

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