Meeting - Wednesday 9th of April 2003 - "Brent Chapman on Majordomo -> O'Reilly -> Covad and more"

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Sun Apr 6 20:07:58 CDT 2003

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Welcome to April

	Level 8, myinternet House
	14-20 Blackwood Street
	North Melbourne

	Wednesday the 9th of April 2003 - 6:30 pm
	Doors open from 6pm till 6:45pm

	* Welcome to
	* What's new in Perl 5
	* 5 minute talk on new modules
	* Next hacking session
	* "Brent Chapman on Majordomo -> O'Reilly -> Covad and more"

Main Talk: "Brent Chapman on Majordomo -> O'Reilly -> Covad and more"

Brent Chapman is the writer of Majordomo - the most prolific list 
manager used on the internet. Brent will be talking to us about how he 
started with Majordomo as an excuse to learn Perl, which lead to hosing 
the Firewalls mailing list, which lead to publishing "Building Internet 
Firewalls" at O'Reilly which lead to becoming an IT manager in Sillicon 
Valley througout the internet boom.

Brent will be talking about his experiences with perl and with his 
company (which went from 40 to 4000 people in 27 months), how he has 
used perl throughout and even for some of his MBA which he is 
completing here in Melbourne.

Don't miss this very informative talk.

Scott Penrose
Anthropomorphic Personification Expert
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