Performance of chained methods.

Michael Stillwell mjs at
Wed Oct 30 07:25:39 CST 2002

On Wednesday, Oct 30, 2002, at 14:48 Australia/Melbourne, Scott Penrose  

> 	my $ref = eval  
> {SomeClass->FirstMethod($param1)->AnotherMethod($param2)- 
> >MoreMethods();};
> 	return undef if ($@);
> Or is that a really bad practice?, is there a better way ?,

That does seem to be the best way, although I do feel your unease...

I suppose in some circumstances it might make sense to modify the  
methods so that they never return undef but that won't always be  
convenient.  (Perhaps if the methods are tree operations that operate  
on sets, then children() could return a null set instead of undef, say,  
if there were no children.)  You don't get any short-circuiting this  
way though.


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