CSS manipulation

David Dick david_dick at iprimus.com.au
Tue Oct 29 01:25:15 CST 2002

The logic that I follow says that for a client base that is static and 
high volume, you download the stylesheet as an external file, download 
the JS files as external files, give 'em long TTL value and compress the 
actual html files.  However, for everything else, i've always inlined 
the stylesheet and compressed the whole thing (paying attention of 
course to IE6 etc with regard to compression).  This of course is 
because my style sheets so far have been miniscule in comparison to the 
overall html, so there wasn't that much of a difference.  Presumeably 
the stylesheets are big enuff to warrant that null and void, but if so, 
is it worth hand-crafting the stylesheets instead of writing a .pm file 
to do it for you? (i can't believe i'm saying this :))

Scott Penrose wrote:

> On Tuesday, Oct 29, 2002, at 16:17 Australia/Melbourne, Piers Harding 
> wrote:
>> Have you considered inline stylesheets (<STYLE/>) if you use a
>> templating engine for your delivery - that way you would be able to
>> compress your pages as a whole.
> That is less efficient as it means they can not have a local cache. 
> Generally, being a web application, they load many pages, each of 
> which uses the same style sheet, so inserting <STYLE> entries means 
> that it would have to be sent each time.
> That would be a really good suggestion though for web sites that 
> expect to receive just a single hit (maybe high speed advertising site 
> or something similar).
> Scott

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