Modifying postfix mailer virtual table files with Perl

ADFH mpm at
Fri Oct 18 12:15:59 CDT 2002

Has anyone written/can recommend a Perl script/module etc. to work with
postfix format virtual table files?


virtual.domain1       anything
postmaster at virtual.domain1    postmaster
user1 at virtual.domain1 address1
user2 at virtual.domain1 address2, address3
 , address4, address5

virtual.domain2       anything
postmaster at virtual.domain2    postmaster
user1 at virtual.domain2 address1
user2 at virtual.domain2 address2, address3,
 address4, address5

... with the possibility of hash comments which should be editable?

Looking into the possibility of a stand-alone, web-based system for
authorised staff to be able to modify the virtual user tables of several


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