Generic File Access

Scott Penrose scottp at
Sat Oct 12 04:51:04 CDT 2002

Hey Dudes

I have a major need for some generic file access API in Perl.
A generic access API would have the one polymorphic interface to SSH 
(SCP), FTP, WebDAV, Local etc.

The following are the options I have.
	- XS mapping to Gnome VFS (Gnome's virtual file system)
	- XS mapping to CURL (Curl is a set of libs and command lines to do 
	- Write a higher level API (DBI style) to do this.

My problems (and advantages) with each are as follows.

	- Very complicated
	- Very big
	- Good as it is so complete
	- Lots of call backs

	- Behind in crucial implementations (SCP/SSH is still not supported)
	- Simpler

Roll my own
	- Could be simple, depending on level
	- I have written a basic implementation but as soon as I
	  read the VFS functionality I realise that others could
	  require much more than I could provide

So I have to think about what the best approach is. I was looking for 
either some sensible feedback, how other people have dealt with the 
situation and if any other solutions are out there.

Any ideas ? Feedback ? Other alternatives ?


Scott Penrose
Open source developer
scottp at

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