Perl Tk on Redhat 8.0

Graeme Cross gcross at
Tue Oct 8 09:13:00 CDT 2002

On Tue, 8 Oct 2002 09:35 pm, Greg wrote:
>  Graham
> Thanks for your suggestion. The following files exist in SOURCES and SPECS,
> but the RPM, SRPM and SOURCES directories are empty.
> Greg
> [root at Workstation SOURCES]# ls
> perl-Tk-man_section.patch  perl-Tk-paths.patch
> perl-Tk-misc.patch         Tk-800.024.tar.gz
> [root at Workstation SOURCES]#
> [root at Workstation SPECS]# ls
> perl-Tk.spec
> [root at Workstation SPECS]#
> I am trying to install Perl-Tk on Redhat 8.0. I downloaded
> perl-Tk-800.024-1.src.rpm from but it fails to install as per
> >below. The graphical installer also bails midway through an attempted
> > install with no message. any help appreciated


RPM packages come in two flavours: the common binary RPM (which you install 
with a "rpm -ivh" command) and a source RPM, which contains the original 
source, patches for your Red Hat/Mandrake/SuSe distribution and a SPEC file 
which has all the information on how to build the binary RPM package(s).

You have tried to install a source RPM rather than a binary RPM, so you have 
to build the binary RPM(s) from the spec file and sources.

>From memory[1], it's something like:

	cd /usr/src/redhat
	rpm -bb SPECS/perl-Tk.spec

You should then end up with at least one RPM in the /usr/src/redhat/RPMS 
directory, which you then install with the usual rpm -ivh command.

If you can't get it working and it's on a laptop, bring it to the meeting 
tomorrow night and I will give you a hand with it.


[1] Have a read of the rpm manpage for the precise details and options

Graeme Cross <gcross at>

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