Damian speaking in November...

Jens Porup jens at cyber.com.au
Tue Oct 8 00:27:59 CDT 2002

By the looks of things:


Damian may not be especially eager to speak for us in November.

	"That means that for the rest of 2002 I will not be reading or
	contributing to Perl mailing lists or newsgroups, will not be
	maintaining my numerous CPAN modules, will not be travelling or
	speaking, and will not even be regularly reading my Perl-
	specific) email. In fact, the only Perl-related activities
	I'll still be undertaking will be those related to the Perl 6
	design work (that is, I'll continue to help Larry and the design
	team, and to write the Exegeses for the Apocalypses)."

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