Error/Warning - what's "prettier" way of achieving purpose

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Sun Nov 24 17:21:57 CST 2002

On Monday, Nov 25, 2002, at 07:34 Australia/Melbourne, Rick Measham 

> At 6:34 AM +1100 25/11/02, David Dick wrote:
>> print $cgi->header if (not defined $DEBUG); # slightly different, it 
>> won't print the empty string ;)
> The whole point of 'unless' is to remove the 'if not' syntax so even 
> better would be:
> print $cgi->header unless defined($DEBUG);

I would tend to agree. The ternary operator (silly name isn't it :-) 
has some great uses. Especially so is if you want to provide a number 
of alternative inputs to a sub without wanting to use a temporary 

Therefore it would be 'reasonable' to do something like this.

	print "You are currently in " . (defined $DEBUG ? 'DEBUG' : 
'PRODUCTION') . " mode";

But in the example given where we need to do nothing if not debug, then 
Ricks example is probably the best.

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