perl running os commands from web

Michael Lindner alloy at
Sun Nov 17 20:08:30 CST 2002

i want to run commands, for example:: touch hello ::  is a pretty innocuous example of a 
command, and in this example i would expect to find a file called:: hello :: in the same 
directory as the script, or anywhere on the filesystems would be ok :-)  but i do not.

no command gets excecuted, whatever it is.




> >hi,
> >why is it that:: print `touch hello`;
> >produce nothing when run in a browser initiated script?
> >is this a security feature, or what am i doing wrong :-)
> >(running on linux rh7.2)

On 17 Nov 2002 at 14:15, David Dick wrote:

> what you are trying to do? :)
> #! /usr/bin/perl
> print `touch hello`; # dosen't produce anything anywhere.  It will 
> however touch hello. :)
> Michael Lindner wrote:

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