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Wed Nov 13 17:57:28 CST 2002

On Thu, 14 Nov 2002, Timothy S. Nelson wrote:

> > Yes, very co-routinish. When we were nutting out the RFCs on
> > perl6-language, there was a lot of interest in co-routines, and Damian
> > wrote this:
> >
> > 
> > There's also RFC 27, covering similar territory.
> > 
> > There continues to be an interest in coroutines amongst the Perl6
> > community and IIRC Dan plans to incorporate the necessary features into
> > Parrot.
> 	Hey, I've been trying to figure out if they're planning meta-operators 
> in perl6.  By "Meta-operators", I mean what APL calls "operators" (since what 
> it calls functions are what we call operators).  
> 	You seem like someone who might know, or at least know where to find 
> out.  Do you happen to know?  

	Let me answer my own stupid question to save you all the trouble.  I 
went through (thanks Jeremy!), and there's a lot of design stuff 
happening which I was unable to find starting at on numerous 
previous occasions.  

	Anyway, now that I've found it, I'll answer it myself.  


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