Paradigms for CGI application development?

Timothy S. Nelson wayland at
Fri Nov 8 16:27:39 CST 2002

On Wed, 6 Nov 2002, Michael Stillwell wrote:

> 1. Because Perl doesn't make it very convenient to jump (or transfer 
> control) to the *middle* of a function (actually, I'm not sure that 
> this is even possible), you need to break your functions in two 
> whenever you seek user input.  So in the example above, the code 
> following the call to confirm()  must appear in a separate function.  
> Another shitty consequence of this is that you must supply the "return 
> address" to confirm() yourself:

	I've probably done too much Programming Language Theory and not enough 
Perl, but it strikes me that this would be a wonderful thing for co-routines.  
However, these days, it seems like most people do things with threads instead 
of co-routines.  And I doubt Perl has co-routines, although I could be wrong 

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